Wednesday, April 19, 2017

NIO debuts ES8 Electric SUV for China

The Chinese electric car NIO has just presented its ES8, a brand new 7-seater performance SUV, built specifically for China. NIO intends to launch the deliveries of the ES8 in 2018 and will build it next to the flagship EP9 electric supercar.

The NIO ES8 has a body and chassis made entirely of aluminum and measures 196 inches long and has a wheelbase of just over 118 inches. This allows a generous 2-3-2 seat group in a cabin that includes a large, tablet-like display in the center console, a full-digital meter cluster, a two-spoke steering wheel, and contrasting black-and-white elements.

The car manufacturer has yet to reveal many details about the ES8 drive train, but says he has electric motors both front and rear and an advanced air suspension system. It also has a battery that can be replaced to eliminate the charging times in a similar way, similar to Tesla"s deceased battery swapping service.

Design wise, the electric SUV provides some similarities with the EP9 supercar, especially at the rear. From the front, the headlights remind of the Citroen C4 Cactus, but for the most part it looks quite unique and should have a decent amount of road presence, thanks in part to the clear character lines above the front and rear wheel arches.

NI founder and chairman William Li said, "It is a further statement of our vision and technical and manufacturing capacities, a best-in-class product that demonstrates what is possible with electric vehicles Is proud of our relentless focus on vision and action, and from the railway to the road, NIO leads great milestones every year. "


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