Tuesday, June 14, 2016

My Pet Jewelry Making Out Of Silver And Bronze

About 25 years ago I mainly jewelry, do all the typical jewelry for retail stores. But on my side my brother’s stone carvings in the studio, doing fine animal forms with lines facets for muscle definition. Finally, I started doing them in bronze and many years later on my wife’s insistence that style applied to a line of jewelry and launched “From the beast and beauty” stores.

Now I barely have time for anything else! With each piece I try to make something beautiful from every angle and has movement, every arc leads to another. I have included some photos of carving wax before they are cast and partly carved bracelet. Most of my jewelry and figurines carved from this hard wax. large sculpture made with hard clay oil.

I started a project to look at photographs, I do draw the profile. I apply the wax and transferring images to a basic line drawing for it, then I started carving, occasionally see the photos for details. Mostly I just go with the feeling (which encourages realist artist friends I’m crazy). At some point I realized that I have managed to create something that has a special movement or expression, and I know I’m almost done. I still do a lot of gold / diamonds / gemstones colored contemporary but animal jewelry / sculpture is where my heart is

More info :. Etsy

Timber wolf with a diamond

ring paint Forest

ring Hedgehog

Baby ring fox

ring Sterling jumped puma

Fox bracelet

Curious hedgehog / fox


ring magpie Silver

ring Fox

elephant pendant


ring Lions

Magpie pin / pendant

Fox head pendant (rose gold)

Dragon Band

Wolf wax carving

you can see more work on Etsy

source: bored panda

My Pet Jewelry Making Out Of Silver And Bronze

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