Saturday, May 14, 2016

Julia Roberts Hailed For ‘Unthinkable’ Barefoot Walk In Cannes

SHE may be one of the biggest Hollywood stars, but basically Julia Roberts is like all women. Dying to launch her high heels

The 48-year-old actress is known for walking barefoot in ceremonies and even her marriage to country singer Lyle Lovett.

But America’s fiancée took a step further by naked risking the wrath of the Cannes red carpet fashion police.

French magazine L’Express on Friday hailed the move as a “true act of militant feminism” and the French edition of Celebrity Gala magazine said it had “dared the unthinkable.”

Roberts premiered his latest monster movie silver Thursday in Cannes and took his first walk up the red carpet vaunted, notorious for its strict dress code requiring high heels and evening dress.

last year, a social media storm erupted after reports that some women had been diverted from the main venue of the festival not to wear high heels.

This year, the Roberts unshod could be seen setting “wow” mouth “that’s crazy” under the barrage of flashes.

It was when she raised her black Giorgio Armani gown climbing the steps that cinema photographers got a glimpse of her bare feet.

Vanity Fair magazine called his move a “flagrant act of fashion rebellion.”

Oscar winner

This year Susan Sarandon walked the red carpet at the opening night of his suit brand – that counts as black tie after all -. and flat shoes

And Kristen Stewart spoke against unequal wardrobe guidelines as she created her new film with Woody Allen Cafe Society in Cannes.

“Things have to change immediately,” Vanity Fair quoted Stewart as saying.

“I get the black tie thing, but you should be able to do either version -. Flats or heels” – AFP Relaxnews

Entertaiment – Julia Roberts Hailed For ‘Unthinkable’ Barefoot Walk In Cannes

Julia Roberts Hailed For ‘Unthinkable’ Barefoot Walk In Cannes

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