How to make a Vlog on Youtube, so it’s easy Vlogger!

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How to Make Vlogs on Youtube: Making Vlogs on Youtube doesn’t seem to be a strange thing anymore in Indonesia, there are many Indonesian YouTubers who deliberately create and upload their Vlogs to Youtube. It is not uncommon for Vlog videos from YouTuber Indonesia to enter Trending videos accompanied by other popular videos.

The news about Youtuber’s high income and the fame he gained was fantastic, making many people in Indonesia want to start his career on Youtube and make a Vlog. Unfortunately in Indonesia there are still a number of articles or tutorials that explain how to create a vlog on YouTube.

Now in this article, it will explain as much detail and clearly as possible the answer to your question that reads: “How do you make a vlog on YouTube and become a famous YouTuber?”

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How to make a Vlog on Youtube

For those of you who entered this article accidentally, and don’t know what a Vlog is, this is the explanation.

What is Vlog?

Vlog is an abbreviation of Video Blog or can also be interpreted as a Blog in the form of Video. Vlogs usually record a person’s activities or contain discussions about a particular topic. Vlogs are now more idealistic with YouTube, travel vlogers and MotoVlogs are two of the most popular topics and are often used by YouTubers to create video blogs.

So if blog posts usually explain and discuss certain topics through a series of writings, pictures and other multimedia files, while vlogs explain or discuss certain topics through recorded conversations and videos plus other supporting multimedia files such as music and pictures.

%name How to make a Vlog on Youtube, so its easy Vlogger!
How to Become a Famous Vlogger, photo: grid.id

5 Easy Steps to Make a Popular Vlog

The first step, create a YouTube account and YouTube channel

The initial capital to become a YouTuber is to create accounts and channels with unique and interesting names on Youtube.

How ?, How to Create a Famous Youtube Channel

The second stage, Preparing to Make a Vlog

Use a good camera to record Vlog, at least a camera with 720p video resolution, but if you can use a 1080p camera so that the quality of the vlog is maximized.

What camera is suitable for vlog?

Some say to make a Vlog we need a DSLR class camera, but actually with a cheap camera and good lighting, Vlog will still look professional and comfortable to watch.

Also pay attention to the quality of your vlog audio, if the internal microphone on the camera does not produce maximum sound, you can use an external microphone that is not too expensive. You can also use a microphone on a Smartphone if the results are clearer than the audio produced by the camera.

Vlog about what should I make?

The answer depends on what you want to achieve. If you only want to upload a vlog to YouTube, upload videos of your daily life from waking to going to sleep again, but your videos are guaranteed to be unpopular, most of which only watch 2 or 3 people hehe.

If you want your vlog to be popular and watched a lot of people, upload the vlog using one of 13 YouTube video topics that the public likes. Read here: Topic of the Most Popular Youtube Channels.

Please create a Vlog with a topic that you created yourself, but remember! Never imitate the famous YouTuber Vlog, the famous YouTuber often uploads Vlogs with topics that are not important but many viewers, this is because the audience does not think about vlog topics, but who makes vlogs.

Now, if you already have a good camera, the topic you want to raise and other supporting equipment, then move on to the next step.

Step three, Create your first Vlog

For example, if you want to create a travel vlog, as a new YouTube channel, don’t do too many rotten services, because that will increase our video bounce rate.

Avoid that intro or introduction that is too long, for example, “Welcome to the Ngevlog channel, this channel is a channel that specifically uploads high-quality vlogs about anything that can be recorded, this time I want to go to Bandung and find beautiful hidden nature, … while shouting hello, bandung citizens, how are you? Don’t forget to subscribe, like to share, watch other videos and visit our website so I can get rich and make lots of money ”

Actually, we can make a video title using effective sentences so that people will know what the contents of the vlog without having to be explained in a long-winded way. In the beginning the video only opens with a short “Hi I’m Gissa, today I want to go to Bandung and explore its natural beauty” … while manasin a motorcycle engine.

Take as many videos as possible

Usually YouTubers call it footage, well if we record lots of videos then we will have lots of material to take home and we edit. Every time we record a video,

we will make mistakes or we feel our recordings are incorrect, not cool enough.

The more footage we have, the more we can freely edit raw videos from the camera into Vlogs that are ready to be uploaded to YouTube.

Edit Vlog to make it more perfect

What software do you use? You can use several video editing software such as Adobe Photoshop and After Effects. But if you don’t really understand how to use it.

The fourth step, Upload Vlog

If you already have a Vlog ready to be uploaded to YouTube, upload it immediately with special optimization so that your videos become popular quickly.

Some optimizations that you can easily do include:

  • Give a vlog title that is interesting and related to the trending topic
  • Write a clear and long vlog description
  • Promote vlogs through social media
  • Share vlogs through the forum, and sites that allow us to share videos.
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The fifth step, What You Have to Do So Your Channel Can Grow

Many complained after reading the article – tips and tricks for becoming a YouTube player here because they said they had created a youtube channel and uploaded videos but were not known. It turns out they like instant hehe.

Just uploaded 1 video and then complained that subscribers and revenue aren’t increasing, because the YouTuber image will start to be successful and be known on average when it’s been active on Youtube for at least 6 months with 1 new and original video every 2 weeks.

Then how do you make your channel popular more quickly?

The only way to make a popular YouTube channel is that you can only do 2!

Upload unique videos (don’t upload other people’s videos and the first one) by discussing topics that are being searched for by many people.
Upload quality videos every day and optimize to the maximum

I have done both methods above and the results are stable, for example yesterday when a total solar eclipse occurred in Indonesia, I regularly uploaded videos about solar eclipses and during February to March, the number of video views on the channel.

I have also reloaded other people’s videos at the time of the Sarinah Bombing, at that time this channel uploaded a video about the Sarinah bomb which was obtained from another youtube channel, the result was fantastic 1 day got 500,000 views but a few days after the Sarinah bombing incident ended, my Channel was hit with a copyright strike and the video was removed. Things like this cause the number of views to decrease dramatically.

I am also managing the YouTube Channel with a daily video upload cycle, all the videos I make in English to increase revenue figures, with the theme of technology and fantastic results, the videos I upload always break through the 10,000 views on the first day.

Famous vlogger

In the international arena there is CaseyNeistat which is one of the famous YouTubers for its vlog. While in Indonesia there are some YouTubers who often make Vlogs, for example Raditya Dika with RVLOG

After completing the article explaining how to create a vlog on YouTube, hopefully the article from section 1001 how to become a YouTuber can be understood and can be used as a useful reference for you aspiring Indonesian YouTube users.