Complete, Youtube SEO Guide that can Make your videos viral


Youtube SEO Guide, Create eketawer who wrestle with the world of internet marketing is sure to understand the true impact and capability of the Youtube video sharing site. So just a description, Youtube is one of the sites with the largest number of daily visitors under Google and Facebook social media.

Beyond that, this site has become the second biggest crawler engine after Google, with up to 30 million searches every day! Not too much further if many IMers mention Youtube to be one of the most likely dredging dollar fields.

%name Complete, Youtube SEO Guide that can Make your videos viral
Seo Youtube

From there on, think a lot and find out what steps to win a video search competition on the YouTube site. Among them must include the role of SEO alias SEO.

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As well as almost the same techniques that are applied in Google search results, in fact there are many special tricks that we can use to get a search spot on YouTube.

In this opportunity tip, we will learn some important points to be able to win a search competition on the first page of the Youtube site. Apply some of these points optimally and see the results in the future.

Right away, please start from the first point!

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As I have given initially, if in essence the SEO techniques applied to Youtube are not too different when compared to Google. The first step we have to look for keywords (keywords), or cool language keywords (keyword) research.

But unlike search for keywords (keywords) for Google, we must find what is mentioned with the Video Keyword (keyword). Video Keyword (keyword) is a keyword (keyword) that is not just searched through Youtube but is on the first page of Google search results.

For convenience, Eketawer can see the following picture:

Can be witnessed if the keyword “cutest cat” shows the results of Google’s first page search filled with YouTube videos. Keywords (keywords) such as the following that can be classified into video keywords (keywords), because not just searchable via Youtube, videos with keywords (keywords) will appear on the first page of Google search results.

In general there are many types of video keywords (keywords), namely:

With a simple, please think about if we can find a keyword (keyword) that is not just searched through Youtube but is searched through Google, and your video will appear on the first page of Google, surely the power of gaining views and engagement will definitely be greater, isn’t it?

Steps to find a keyword video

After knowing what the keyword video is like, then how do you search for it?

The easiest step is definitely as shown in the initial picture. We are just looking for some keywords (keywords) related to the Youtube channel that we will build.

After we find a few keywords (keywords), we can directly search for them on Google.If there is a Youtube video that is on the first page of Google search results, because that keyword (keyword) is really right for us to aim.

Bonus Guide: try later on that keyword video that has a minimum monthly search number of 300. The trick is that we can definitely see it through Google’s Keyword planner tool or using other keyword research tools. Because the monthly search number 300 has the power of the traffic channel which is good enough.

The greater it is ? It must be more awesome. But remember the competition, guys.

After we know about the secret of the keyword video (keyword), the next step is to make an interesting YouTube video and channel. In this step, we will try to make good impressions in the eyes of Youtube and viewers through the videos and channels that we make.

When we talk about video quality, many may think that good videos are still made with good recording equipment. The reality is not always like that, even if we don’t have the right camera equipment, we still have the opportunity to make a video with the idea of ​​screen capture alias recording work on our computer monitor, or also by making a video slideshow.

Initially it was emphasized that, this opportunity guide increasingly directed how to make quality videos and channels without using prohibited SEO techniques .

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The important thing is, we know some important concentrations that make the YouTube benchmark for ranking our videos.

1. Rating Elements

The first time, we have to understand if videos on Youtube don’t work like websites or websites in terms of ranking. When on Google, there is a meaning of back-links that can be used to ensure the quality of a website or web, Youtube is nothing like it (except embedding videos on other websites or sites).

What is more actually seen is a few points below:

Video retention is a percentage of so many people who see our video then look at our other videos again. More and more people are returning to see our videos, so the better our Youtube ranking. We can see this data in the dashboard of our Youtube account.

All comments that come in on a video can be a signal if the video does indeed have an effect on the viewer, which in turn puts Youtube in the top place. Regardless of whether the comment is positive or negative, I really encourage you to actively respond to incoming comments.

The like button is located on the bottom side of the video, so an important assessment of one video is considered good or not in the eyes of Youtube.

Really we often hear, channels with large subscriber can usually enter on the first page of YouTube search results more easily. More if many of our video viewers subsequently subscribe immediately after seeing our video, the impact will be even more delicious.

The more viewers who share our videos through social media or other popular sites, chances are our videos can be poked on the board based on search results.

2. Create Videos Over 5 Minutes

If we look carefully, some of the videos on the first page of YouTube search results are more than 5 minutes long. Even some one of them until more than 1 hour.

Maybe most of us will have trouble when making videos that are so long. But the 5 minute number, is the minimum limit that we need to try. In theory, usually longer is definitely better.

However, without this no matter the quality of our video! Because you can think about it, if we make a video that is forced so long and the reality is not really interesting, because that viewers will not be reluctant to immediately leave our video or even push the dislike button.

3. Dress up the Youtube Channel

This is a little recognized by those who want to exist on Youtube. Usually they are just too focused on how to make a video. But there is one secret, namely by creating a YouTube channel that looks professional, because in fact the appearance of a complete channel is the reason for YouTube to “lift” the place of our video.

Then what needs to be done?

First we can provide additional, complete links from our social media or web accounts. This link will appear on the “About” side of our channel.

Next don’t forget, give an additional picture of the channel. This image includes symbols, and wall images that have a larger size. Additional guidance is, to further strengthen the SEO element, name the image file with the keywords (keywords) that we seek in increasing Youtube channel.

So on, don’t forget to add a picture of your channel. In this picture, we can provide directions for channel construction or information on video topics that are widely raised. In it we can also provide additional words in the form of LSI or derived from the keywords (keywords) that we are after. We can use free tools like LSIgraph.com or others.

4. Create Custom Thumbnails

Thumbnails of the videos that we make in reality have a huge impact on the changes of the video, though not directly affecting Youtube ranking, at least this really has an influence on our viewers. The better if we make custom thumbnails.

What needs to be seen, create custom thumbnails that can attract the curiosity of viewers to open your video. But don’t ever use custom thumbnails that are trapping, with images that actually have nothing to do with our video content. (plus pictures of p0rn * and the like), this will actually worsen our image in the eyes of viewers.

Here is an example of the thumbnails of the Indonesian vlogger channel Edho Zell.Not only creative, these cute thumbnails are really interesting and cause clicks of course.

5. Create a Playlist

A playlist is a list of several videos on the same topic. And in fact this feature gives SEO elements that are quite thick and of course we can use.

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The easiest step is to create a playlist with the title of the keyword (keyword) that we are after. Then, we can insert some of the videos that we have.

Bonus Guide: we can add some videos from other channels that have similar topics and the video is already quite popular.

Automatically, this playlist will make our videos in the list of “related videos” of popular videos that we put in that playlist. And it’s not impossible that the playlist will be in Youtube search results, which means we will get additional views. Legit!

In this step, there are many things that we need to look at which include the file name, title, description and tags of the video that we upload.

The first about the name, make sure the name of the video file that we upload contains the keywords (keywords) that we are aiming for. For example, if we aim at the keyword “weight loss tips” we can write the file name weight_loss_tips_video.mp4 or maybe with another video extension.

Next to the second, the video title. A lot of information is scattered, saying if the video title must begin with the keywords (keywords) that we are after. But sometimes, sometimes the keywords are deemed inappropriate when written at the beginning of the video title.

Apart from that, from my evaluation on a number of YouTube keyword search results, there are also many videos that enter the first page row, in fact do not write keywords (keywords) at the beginning of the video title.

Therefore, the best possibility is to still enter keywords (keywords) in the video title, at least at the beginning, not so at the end.

Next to the video description, here is actually a very important side. Because the video image, is the side of our video that can be “read” by the Youtube scheme.Therefore, if we, want to get first place in YouTube search results, try to write a picture that is not just a complete length.

Completely, below is a template of Youtube video images that you can use:

And the last one is tags. This is an important side because tags are info from videos that ensure how YouTube places your videos.

Bonus Guide: One small guide that may be found a little, we can take advantage of the service from the VidIQ extension. Those of you who don’t know can pay attention to the video below (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Jir6dAkff0), in general VidIQ can help us know info related to one video and tags used by videos that have mastered the first page for individual keyword search results.

Later we can just copy the tags for later included in our video. Plus, one guide, enter the channel name of the popular video in the top position. The benefit is, so we enter the opinion of related videos from the popular video.

After applying the set of guidelines that have been reviewed above, then we can immediately promote the video to get views of course. In this case, again what is emphasized is how to make YouTube videos and channels through 100% white hat alias.

Not recommended to buy views or use a number of methods that are counted as black or gray hat.

The first is through community or social media

There is no better place than the online community to introduce the video we have made. Simply put, the online community contains several people who have similar interests in a separate topic or section.

If we have a video that fits that topic and is indeed useful, of course some users of the community will like to see our video. Not only that, we can also make a good name in the eyes of netizens.

Beyond that we can also use question and answer sites like Yahoo Answers or better is Quora, because Quora contains more questions and answers can be trusted.

We can insert our video in the answer to one question related to the keywords we are after. Or better, if we can immediately embed the video in our answers.

Alternatively, we can enter a video link on our personal website post and e-mail signature. Be creative.

As well as the most effective for video promos, certainly through social media sites, can Facebook, Twitter, Instagram , or other social media. The trick is also definitely really easy, we can promote it directly to our personal account, or to a group and a separate page, which of course is still related to the topic of our video. Remember, don’t cover the eketawer.

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