Cinta Laura Ambasador at JFC, Nitizen is crazy about being too vulgar


Cinta Laura Ambasador At JFC , a bloody Indonesian- German celebrity, Cinta Laura Kiehl some time ago had become a public and citizen conversation. The reason, the beautiful artist who became an icon in the annual Jember Fashion Carnival (JFC) was considered too vulgar and indulgent in public by certain parties.

In her appearance, Cinta Laura appeared charming with Hudoq clothes dominated by green. Clothing is a style that comes from the culture of the people of East Kalimantan. But apparently this drew criticism from one community organization which later protested the concept of Love’s clothing. Responding to that, Cinta Laura’s mother also spoke up.

Laura’s love did appear in Jember Fashion Carnival as a brand ambassador

Not without reason, Laura appeared at this prestigious annual event. He is indeed being lined up by the 2019 JFC Brand Ambassador . Launched from the official Instagram account @jemberfashioncarnival, Cinta Laura as brand ambassador does appear in an attractive style. Lifting the culture of East Kalimantan, Cinta uses green clothes that are also wrapped in typical Kalimantan trinkets.

Besides this year’s JFC Brand Ambassador , the fashion style promoted by Cinta Laura also aims for tourism promotion purposes. As previously known, the annual event is always crowded and visited by many local and foreign tourists.

The fashion style worn by Cinta is also a direct request from the committee

Reaping criticism from certain parties, it turns out the fashion style worn by Cinta Laura is indeed a direct request from the committee. What he does as a form of professionalism at work. Although JFC itself is not too concerned with this issue, they explained that this incident was indeed unexpected.

Cinta Laura was accused of being too vulgar in showing off costumes from East Kalimantan because she was too free to open her thighs. Beyond that, the annual Jember Fashion Carnival event has been successfully held and known by foreign countries

Although Cinta did not respond directly, Herdiana Kiehl, Mother of Love finally responded to this problem

After the protests that circulated to Cinta Laura related to her appearance at the 2019 JFC event, finally Cinta’s mother also gave her comments. He asserted that the cultural-clad clothing that Cinta used during the event was indeed a request from the committee and was intended for tourism promotion. In this case, Love only acts professionally. Do not stop there, he also apologized to certain parties who felt aggrieved over this case.

Even so, Herdiana also did not blame the other party. He explained that this incident was truly unexpected and would be used as learning for the future. Wow, bullshit, keep the spirit of love!

Originally posted 2019-08-09 18:56:42.