5 Today’s Promising Businesses You Must Try


Business Promising Current – Maybe among those of you who want to make a business or business now the target market is young people ?, so in this article there is an answer.

Indeed, now to build a business there is something that says it’s easy, especially if the target market is young people, whose name is young people if there are good places like cafes or coffee shops and good and cheap food will definitely come to that place.

Even with small capital you can start a business or business that is running. But besides that maybe you don’t know about what business is still feasible in 2019? Don’t worry about that, because below will be given some references for you about today’s most popular business that is very easy to bring in customers or visitors.

Today’s Promising Businesses

1. Open Angkringan with Instagramable Design Places

The first contemporary effort and did not require much capital, namely making a hangout for angkringan stalls. Where you do not need to be proficient in decorating items, take advantage of used items you can already make ornaments for angkringan places.

In order to make the results better and neater, you can ask your friends who like to decorate their hobbies. This is so that the results of the decoration are really maximum and able to bring in many visitors. Don’t forget to give a wife, I certainly can make young people feel at home with that place.

2. Business Is Now the Promise – Rural Cafe

Have you ever been to Jogja? If ever, in Jogja there is a touch screen cafe that serves rural dishes and a rural menu. With a place that is designed surfing may make this place more unique. And the most interesting thing is when we can choose side dishes with a touch screen on the glass, it will create a sensation.

You don’t need a lot of capital to make a cafe like this. So the point is to get up gradually and make use of existing items. The most important thing is to have enough land.

3. Melted Beam Cake

%name 5 Todays Promising Businesses You Must Try

The next business may not provide a place, but sell food. Recently, there has been a lot of socialization on Social Media, namely melted cake cakes. Where the cake is in the form of beams and the middle of the cake are melted chocolate or other melting flavors.

This kind of dessert is very popular among young people and many young people want to flock to places of sale like this. Especially women if you see a melt like this, you will be very tempted and want to buy. This promising gift effort needs to be tried once.

4. Places to Eat with Foreign Foods

For some reason, there are so many Indonesians who like the name of foreign food than at home. This promising present business has been implemented as in Chingu Cafe, where food and food is served as in Korea.

So it’s very easy to attract visitors. Because most visitors just want to take pictures with a café place and want to try Korean-style food that can be used as a story on Instagram .

5. Shooting place

%name 5 Todays Promising Businesses You Must Try

The next promising effort is to make a place for photography. Why should it be a photo shoot ?, This is because many young people now want to become celebrities.Because many people think that being a celebrity is easy with just a few photos and can be an artist on Instagram.

Well, usually if the photos are not only inside and in the cafe, but in a photo studio or also called shooting. This place will be the target of young people today who are aware of gadgets and Instagram. But again you need to design and design uniquely and must be instagramable.

So it is a promising and present-day effort that you can try now. I suggest you make an angkrian + wifi kiosk, because this is very popular and promising for the long term. Thus this article, hopefully useful and thank you for visiting. (Dewailmu / e-eketawa)

Originally posted 2019-08-02 18:35:49.